Monthly Archive: March 2016

Mar 23 2016

Reform Party Calls on Government to Balance the Budget

The Reform Party leadership calls on Washington to balance the Federal Budget. This debt is a burden on the next generations of taxpayers, and interest payments on this debt threaten the fiscal health of the entire economy.

The last time the Federal budget was balanced was in 1999 under the Bill Clinton administration, and American debts race towards the 20 Trillion dollar mark. This debt was created by pork barrel spending, hand outs to special interests, fraud, overspending on military projects and waste. The Reform Party wishes to balance the budget by addressing these issues, and raising revenue by cutting special interest tax loopholes.

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Mar 20 2016

Low Approval of Congress Highlights America’s Frustration

The dismally low Congressional approval rating highlights America’s frustration with government leadership. The American government has ignored the will of the people, and acted in on behalf of self interest for far to long. The Reform Party’s leadership has highlighted the following reasons for America’s frustration:

  1. The Loss of Jobs to Foriegn Nations – Since the beginning of Free trade with NAFTA, American manufacturing jobs have been shipped overseas. This massive exodus corresponds with falling income rates, increased poverty and mounting unemployment rates in areas traditionally dominated by industry.
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