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Core Principles


We, the members of the Reform Party, commit ourselves to reform our political system. Together we will work to re-establish trust in our government by electing ethical officials, dedicated to fiscal responsibility and political accountability.

(Amended by the 2008 National Convention, Dallas, TX)

Set the highest ethical standards for the White House and Congress:

● No more gifts.

● No more trips or junkets paid for by special interests.

● No more free meals.

● Pass laws with significant penalties – not rules.

● Give Congress and the White House the same retirement plans and health care as the average citizen.

Balance the Budget:

● Develop a detailed blueprint to balance the budget.

● Eliminate the practice of keeping some programs off-budget.

● Pass the Balanced Budget Amendment.

● Create an annual financial report in plain language so the American people will know whether or not we are following the plan to balance the budget.

● Give the President the Line Item Veto.

● Use one accounting system throughout government.

Campaign Reform:

●Prohibit fundraising by incumbents while exercising their offices.

● In order to vote:

a.         Must be a Registered Voter

b.         Must have valid state picture ID or military ID

● Require voter ID at the polls.

● Eliminate private contributions including 527s and PACs and replace with public funding of campaigns.

● Prohibit announcements of exit polls until all voting has been completed in Hawaii.

Create a new tax system:

● It must be fair to individuals as well as corporations.

● It must raise the money to pay the bills.

● Require that any future tax increases under this new system be approved by the people in the next federal election, in order to impose discipline on spending.

Carefully putting together plans to deal with Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security:

● Explain these plans in detail to the American people.

● Get a consensus.

● Keep these programs dynamic, so they can be changed based on experience – don’t freeze them with restrictive legislation.

● Stop the government from raiding public trust funds.

Promoting jobs in the USA:

● Negotiate trade agreements that promote American jobs, consumer safety, environmental protection, and fair trade.  Rescind and get us out of NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA and the WTO now.  Tear up these trade agreements for new, fair agreements.

● Create a business environment that supports small business, which accounts for roughly 80 percent of jobs held by Americans today. Trade agreements, tax reform, health care reform, and other programs must reflect the needs of small business.

Lobbying Reform:

● Prohibit former elected and appointed officials from ever taking money from foreign governments or foreign interests.

● Prohibit any former high level federal employees – including elected officials – from ever working as a foreign lobbyist.

● Allow foreign governments to provide information to our government through the State and Commerce Departments and the Executive Branch, but prohibit them from giving contributions or gifts of any kind.

● Allow foreign representatives to visit with Members of Congress, but under no circumstances allow them to give elected officials anything now or later.

● Prohibit any former high level federal employees – including elected officials – from working as a domestic lobbyist after leaving government service in the area for which they served.

● Limit domestic lobbying to presenting client’s ideas to the Legislative and Executive Branches

● Prohibit lobbyists from giving money, trips or other incentives to current or former members of the Legislative and Executive Branches.

Individual Rights:

● Invoke the direct tax protections for homesteads owned by individual citizens.

Illegal Immigration:

● Close the borders and stop illegal immigration now.

● Funding shall be withheld from all sanctuary cities that shelter illegals.


● Elimination of the Hatch Act.

● Oppose the creation of the North American Union in any form.

● Oppose NAFTA Superhighway.

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