Oct 13 2019

Reform Party In Search for 2020 Candidates

The Reform Party is currently seeking candidates for federal, state and local offices, and already has several potential candidates. Ten years ago, the Reform Party held only three offices nation-wide. Through recent rebuilding efforts, the Reform Party, captured seven new offices, bringing their total to nine.

“The Reform Party is looking for candidates for all offices, no matter the size,” stated Reform Party National Secretary Nicholas Hensley.

Hensley laid out a plan for running candidates for local office:

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Jul 09 2019

Reform Party Saddened by Loss of Ross Perot

Ross Perot was a visionary who created the Reform Party to offer a choice to the American voting public. Mr. Perot will be missed by the members of the Reform Party Executive Committee, and those that believe in political choice for Americans.

Dr. Bill C Merrell,
Reform Party National Committee

Nicholas R. Hensley,
Reform Party National Committee

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Sep 15 2018

Reform Party Statement on Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence battered the Carolina coastline over the past two days, and is currently moving into South Carolina. The Reform Party National Committee would like to send our hopes and prayers to those effected by the hurricane. We would also like to ask those that can to donate to disaster relief efforts in North and South Carolina. Every dollar will help the people and communities of North and South Carolina in their recovery.

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Aug 30 2018

Former State Legislator and PSC Commissioner Argenziano Runs for Lt. Governor on Reform Party Line

It has been announced that Nancy Argenziano will make a bid for Lt. Governor of Florida on the Reform Party line.

Nancy Argenziano was first elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 1996 and served there until her election to the Florida Senate in 2002. In 2007, Governor Charlie Crist appointed Nancy to a seat on Florida’s Public Service Commission. She was elected to chair the PSC in 2009.

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Aug 25 2018

Statement on the Passing of John McCain

The Reform Party National Committee sends it condolences to the family of Senator McCain. Senator McCain spent his life serving the American People, as a member of the United States Navy and as a US Senator. His sense of duty and patriotism will be missed.

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Jul 31 2018

Alan Reynolds Advances to General Election

Alan Reynolds, an Engineer and former City Commissioner in South Pasadena is running for CA Assembly, District 41. He has advanced from the primary to the general election.

Alan is a former Independent/Americans-Elect candidate for CA Lt. Governor in 2014 and recently termed out after 2 terms on the South Pasadena Freeway & Transportation Commission.

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