Mar 20 2016

Low Approval of Congress Highlights America’s Frustration

The dismally low Congressional approval rating highlights America’s frustration with government leadership. The American government has ignored the will of the people, and acted in on behalf of self interest for far to long. The Reform Party’s leadership has highlighted the following reasons for America’s frustration:

  1. The Loss of Jobs to Foriegn Nations – Since the beginning of Free trade with NAFTA, American manufacturing jobs have been shipped overseas. This massive exodus corresponds with falling income rates, increased poverty and mounting unemployment rates in areas traditionally dominated by industry.
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Feb 22 2016

Reform Party Says “No” to the Transpacific Partnership

The Reform Party stands against the Transpacific Partnership. This trade treaty would open free trade with eleven Pacific Nations, including China. The Reform Party has several concerns about this treaty that it wishes to raise.

The first major issue the Reform Party has with this trade treaty, is that it is being negotiated in secret. This secrecy creates an nontransparent political environment that keeps facts away from the general public. It is the Reform Party’s belief that the general population has the right to know about treaties and legislation that are being negotiated by their representation in government.

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Jan 29 2016

New Reform Party Store Through Zazzle

The Reform Party recently launched a new merchandise store through Zazzle. Through the next few days more items will become available as they are indexed by the Zazzle website, and added to the directory. Right now less then twenty items are available through the directory, but after indexing more then 400 designs will be available. To show case some of the new items here is a link to a new t-shirt design that is available in men and women styles, and on textiles that are made in America.

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Jan 20 2016

Letter from Chairman Collison

Officers of the Executive Committee, Delegates of the National Committee, Chairs of the Many States, and Members of State Reform Party Affiliates,

In 2015, the Reform Party showed that it is not just a relic of the past, and our efforts show that the Reform Party has a future. For years the Reform Party has slowly consolidated its position, and carefully rebuilt its political machine.

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Jan 18 2016

The Reform Party is Looking For Donations

The Reform Party is always looking for small donations to fund our operation. Right now we have several financial needs including fundraising expenses, communication expenses and website upgrades. Please check us out, and consider helping out.

Moving towards the 2016 elections, the Reform Party is going to need money to handle communications relating to the convention and the 2016 elections. Currently we are putting together a budget for a proposed convention (the site will be announced late) and the expenses necessary to announce our Presidential nominee.

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Dec 10 2015

Reform Party Shuffles Social Media

The Reform Party has opened its discussion group on Facebook to foster discussion about issues, Reform Party operations, and how to build a stronger, better party. This group has existed for several years, but was closed by a previous and couldn’t be opened until today. It is possible to find this group here.

To maintain the benefits of having a closed discussion group, we have refurbished an existing group that can be found here.

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