Democrats Learned Nothing from 2016 Loss

The Democrats have proved they learned nothing from their 2016 electoral loss. Rather then making changes, and supporting candidates that can rally their base, the Democrats have supported establishments candidates at the dispense of populist challengers. In doing so, the Democrats have threatened their chances of winning any special Congressional seats. This love affair with special interest backed candidates, rather then populists that can rally the traditional Democratic voters they loss in 2016, shows that they are not ready to emerge from the wilderness. It is for this reason that traditional Democratic voters should look for an alternative to the Democratic Party.

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The House Healthcare Bill is Political Theater

Earlier this week, the House GOP passed an Obamacare repeal bill. This bill was passed among partisan lines, except for twenty GOP members that voted with the Democrats. The American Healthcare Act, (AHCA) however will die in the Senate, because a number of GOP Senators have come out against the bill.

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Jon Winter Running for Chairman of Lakeside, Wisconsin

Jon Winter is running for chairman of Lakeside, Wisconsin this April. Mr. Winter is currently a board member and one of the Reform Party’s nine officeholders. Though he is the only name on the ballot in this race, it is still necessary to turn out in case of a write in challenger. Mr. Winter will be self funding his campaign, and will not hire any professional staff.

Lakeside, Wisconsin is a town of over 700 people, and there are about 500 registered voters.

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Reform Party Calls on Donald Trump to Release Voter Fraud Evidence and Make America Great Again

President Donald Trump and members of his administration have made numerous allegations of voter fraud during the 2016 elections. The Reform Party of the United States calls on President Trump and his administration to release the evidence of these claims, so that proper charges can be brought against the perpetrators. The act of casting millions of illegal votes, which is impossible, would amount to serious charges. These charges are not just for the illegal votes themselves, but also for the impossibility of logistics capable of perpetrating such an act. Bringing RICO charges against those perpetrating this supposed electoral fraud will make great strides towards Making America Great Again.

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Reform Party Statement on “Fake News”

People act as if fake news is a recent invention. Fake news was invented thousands of years go, in ancient times. It has always been there. Voters have a responsibility to separate truth from fiction before they vote, because it is part of informed decision making. On the flip side however, politics should be about best serving the American People, not creating falsehoods.

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Complete List of Reform Party Social Media Feeds

The Reform Party hosts a large list of social media feeds. Although the main social media feed has the most followers, most of our social media posts are made elsewhere. Here is a complete list if you are interested in following:


National Facebook Feeds

National Twitter Feed

State Facebook Feeds

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