Town Supervisor Jon Winter Joins the Reform Party

The Following is a statement from Jon Winter:

“In the primary election this past August I ran as a Democrat candidate because I felt the party most closely aligned with my values. What I have found out since that time is it doesn’t but neither does the Republican party align with my values. I do have an interest in pursuing an elected position in the future, however, no immediate plans other than a local Town position.

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Reform Party Statement on Florida and Nevada Recounts

The Reform Party has no problems with the way votes are tallied. Roque De La Fuente is asking for recounts without the resources or backing of the Reform Party National Committee. Legally he is allowed to do so as a candidate, but the Reform Party as a body does not wish to pursue recounts. There are numerous issues with our electoral system, but no hard evidence of vote tampering.

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A Consideration on Republican Proposed Tax Cuts

The legislators need to consider this: One of the reasons that Trump and the Republicans were elected was based on promises to cut taxes.George W. Bush turned budget surpluses into deficits by cutting tax and getting involved with Middle Eastern wars. If the legislators cut taxes, how are we going to pay for fighting ISIS? What differentiates this concept from George W. Bush’s failed fiscal policies?

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Reform Party Secretary Speaks on the Outcome of Presidential Debates

“The political stances Hillary and Trump do not matter. This is all a game, and it’s foolish to believe that these people will bring any real change to government.

During the George W. Bush administration, the Republicans controlled both the legislature and the Presidency. During that time period not a single bill banning abortion or gay marriage made it through committee.

During the Barack Obama administration, the Democrats controlled the legislature and the Presidency. Similarly, no bills to legalize gay marriage or abortion made it through committee.

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Supporters of Bernie Sanders Should Look at Roque De La Fuente in General Election

Like Bernie Sanders, Roque De La Fuente campaigned in the 2016 Democratic Primary. He left the primary and ran with the support of the Reform Party, because the primary was rigged in favor of Clinton. Despite once opposing Bernie Sanders, they both agree on numerous issues. These issues include:

  • Roque and Bernie both support Universal Healthcare
  • Roque and Bernie both support free higher education
  • Roque and Bernie believe the electoral system needs reform
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Reform Party Live Tweeted The Second Presidential Debate

The national Reform Party candidate, Roque De La Fuente was barred from Sunday night’s debate. In response, members of the Reform Party’s Communication Committee live tweeted during the debate. With their tweets, members of the Communications Committee weighed in on facts, and critiqued both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. You can view what the Reform Party had to say at:

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