Current Candidates

A political party’s candidates represent their organization’s principles. The Reform Party is constantly seeking ethical and respectable candidates that are willing to fight for reform. Our banner is well guarded, and not everyone can carry it. Our candidates are vetted before they are endorsed to ensure respectability.

The Reform Party supports candidates for local, state and federal office. Those that wish to run, and have the Reform Party endorsement receive as much backing as the party can provide.

Are you willing to represent the Reform Party’s values?

2018 Elections

Paul Bachmann – Florida State House District 66

Paul Bachmann is a long time disability rights activist. This is his first run for public office, but he has vast experience and social network in the political realm. He also serves as the Chairman of the Reform Party of Florida.

Alan Reynolds – California Assembly District 41

Is an engineer and former Pasadena City Commissioner. He doubles as the treasurer of the Reform Party of California.

Rick Kasa – Franklin County, North Carolina Soil and Water Board (Write-In)

Richard A. Kasa is a long time Reform Party voter. He supported Ross Perot in both 1992 and 1996. He has served on the executive committee of the Reform Party of North Carolina for three years and is the current chair of the Reform Party of Franklin County.

Joe Vodenichar – Guildford County, North Carolina Soil and Water Board (Write-In)

Randall Rickman – Wake County, North Carolina Soil and Water Board (Write-In)

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