Current Office Holders

Some people say that third party candidates can’t win an election, but currently eight candidates and members of the Reform Party hold elected offices. Since 1998, at least one member of the Reform Party has been in an elected office.

Current Reform Party Officeholders

  • Kevin Kennedy – Belleville, New Jersey, Town Council
  • Jon Winter – Lakeside, Wisconsin, Supervisor
  • Bob Acker – Little Thompson Water District, Colorado Trustee
  • Marisa Muratori – Lake George, New York Supervisor
  • Dennis Dickinson – Lake George, New York Supervisor
  • Charles Falciglia – Rockland County, New York Legislature
  • Edward Markuna – Rockland County, New York Legislature
  • Frank Hagen – Village of Suffern, New York Trustee
  • Mara Herzman – Village of Suffern, New York Trustee

Outside of wins on the Reform Party ballot line, the Reform Party has endorsed a number of independent candidates, and used New York ballot fusion endorsements to influence hundreds of other races.

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  1. Bill Merrell

    The NYS Reform Party is proud to have assisted 328 individuals to be elected in NY State. These are individuals who, without our line would have lost the election. GO NYS REFORM!

  2. Bill Merrell

    In NYS we are proud to have endorsed over 1,000 candidates to date in NYS. We may be a blended state, however we have had many candidates running on the Reform Party line alone. And Wins have resulted from our Party ticket.

    We are proud of all our volunteers. God Bless America.

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