Reform Party Seeks Candidates for 2015 Races

The Reform Party is searching for candidates to run in 2015 elections. The 2015 elections will include thousands of local races across the country including six major metropolitans, three governor elections, and elections for state officials in four states.

“The Reform Party wishes to represent all people,” said Reform Party Chairman David Collison “It doesn’t matter if they live in Dellview, North Carolina with a population of 9 or Chicago, Illinois with a population of 2.5 million”.

The Reform Party is a federally recognized minor party with affiliates in over twenty states, seeking to reemerge as a viable alternative to the Democratic and Republican Parties. It’s track record of success includes victory in a 1998 governor’s campaign, and success in a large number of local races.

It is possible to learn more about the Reform Party by visiting its website at www.reformparty.org or by contacting a national representative at info@reformparty.org.

For Further Information Contact:
Nicholas Hensley- ncreformparty@yahoo.com

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