Secretary Hensley Interviewed by American Third Party Report

For Immediate Release – Nicholas Hensley was on his game. As Secretary of the Reform Party National Committee, and de-facto party spokesperson, he is usually tasked with dealing with the media. His interview with American Third Party Report show cased his talent, wit and intellect while diving deep into a comprehensive conversation about the Reform Party, national politics and local North Carolina issues.

“It was pure poetry,” said Reform Party Chairman David Collison.

As a professional public relations representative and long time politico, Mr. Hensley showed he could stand on his own two feet, and throw down with the same polish and charm as establishment politicians. Mr. Hensley seemed at ease during the interview, as he hit his speaking points, and fended off hostile questions with gusto.

Despite his polish, he is no stranger to ruffling feathers, or speaking with blatant political incorrectness.

“I am not an alchemist that specializes in taking manufactured bullshit and spinning it into gold,” Hensley said during the interview. “I do not wish to comment on falsehoods the two parties use to create polarized partisanship, because that does nothing for the political discussion in this nation. We need to stop this negative mentality of burning everything down we don’t agreement with, and start the practice of building up positive things that lay down the foundations of progress for our nation”.

The feedback from his party members and social media has been overwhelmingly positive. The first part of the interview has been shared on Facebook almost a hundred times.

If you would like more information on the Reform Party, it is possible to find out more by visiting the Reform Party website at www.reformparty.org or by emailing Secretary Hensley at secretary@reformparty.org.

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