Reform Party Calls on Labor to Support the Party That Supports Them

The Reform Party Calls on Labor to Support the Party that Supports Them

Washington DC (3/17/2015) – The Reform Party of the United States calls on labor unions and American workers to support the only party that supports them. Since its founding, the Reform Party has fought against disastrous trade deals that result in the outsourcing of American jobs.

Since the United States’ trade deficit appeared in 1975, the number of Americans employed in the manufacturing sector has decreased year by year from twenty five percent of the population to ten percent in 2010. As these manufacturing jobs were outsourced overseas, many found work in the service industry, which pays less, and the American dream was put out of reach for many.

This decrease in manufacturing workers has also effected labor unions. In recent years the number of privately employed workers paying dues to labor organizations dropped to below 7 percent of the US work force. At their height, labor unions represented more than 33 percent of the Americans working for private companies.

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