Reform Party Chairman’s Statement on Hurricane Harvey

The Chairman of the Reform Party of the United States has issued the following statement:

The damage in Houston is horrific. Hurricane Harvey flooded the fourth largest city in the United States, and created billions of dollars in economic damage. Thousands of people have been displaced. Many people have died. Over the coming days and weeks, I will keep the people of Texas in my thoughts and prayers. I extend my sympathies to those that are displaced and pray for comfort for those that lost loved ones.

Too many times in the past, our federal government has failed those in areas affected by disaster. The mass devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey draws a stark comparison to Hurricane Katrina. Luckily circumstances spared Houston from the loss of life that Katrina caused New Orleans, but there are many lessons Katrina taught us that must be avoided.

Inaction is the wrong action. Federal, state and local government cannot leave behind those affected by this disaster. We must come to the aid of those in need, and provide the necessities that make life possible after this catastrophe. At this time I wish to call on Congress and the President of the United States to release the funds necessary for rescue, relief and rebuilding in the areas around Houston. I ask that those in Washington spare no expense in supporting those that need it most.

Government actions can only go so far. In times of crisis, the American People must come together and face challenges as one People. It will take billions of dollars to rebuild the areas Hurricane Harvey destroyed. Many nonprofit organizations are working together to rescue, give relief and rebuild the areas around Houston. I urge all those that can afford to donate to these causes to show compassion and do so. Even the smallest donations can help those in need.

Lastly I would like to give my gratitude to those already heeding the call. Thousands of people have already mobilized to rescue those stranded in the flood waters around Houston. Thousands more have already given to charities and nonprofits that are working around the clock to provide aid. It is people like you that do the most in our times of need.

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