Reform Party Elects New Officers

For Immediate Release – The Reform Party of the United States held a national committee meeting on July 30th, 2016. During this meeting, the national committee voted on the treasurer and chairman for the 2017 to 2021 term.

To replace the outgoing chairman, David Collison, whom previously stated he would not seek reelection, the National Committee unanimously elected the current Vice Chair Dr. Bill C Merrell.

“Dr. Merrell is one of the brightest people I know,” said Secretary Nicholas Hensley. “As far as raw intellect, Bill is one of the intelligent people I have ever met”.

Dr. Bill C. Merrell is a long time small business owner, owning the Merrell Institute, a private school that offers classes in building inspection and appraisal. A long time Reformer, Dr. Merrell voted for Ross Perot in 1992, was active in United We Stand America, and helped form the Independence Party of New York before it splintered off in 2000. He is also the Chairman of the Reform Party of New York.

Leigh Pollet was reelected as National Treasurer. Mr. Pollet was previously elected in 2014 to fill the vacancy caused by Dr. Merrell’s election to vice chair.

Mr. Pollet has a long resume including a long history in politics. Mr. Pollet is the Vice Chair of the Reform Party of New York, and the chairman of the Nassau County Reform Party. Professionally he has worked as a building appraiser and is a retired law enforcement officer. He also coaches track.

“I can’t say enough nice things about Leigh Pollet,” said Hensley. “Leigh Pollet is extremely sharp and well rounded at the same time. If there is one person that I trust handling money, it’s him, thus I voted for him”.

The vice chairman position will become vacant on January 1st. The National Committee decided to wait until that time to elect Dr. Merrell’s replacement.

The secretary position was not up for election. Nicholas Hensley has served nineteen months of a four year term, and will continue in that role.

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