Reform Party Elects New Officers

For Immediate Release – The Reform Party National Committee met on December 6th, 2014 to elect a new Vice-Chair and Secretary for the Party.

Former Vice-Chair Rodney Martin chose not to seek reelection, and Reform Party Treasurer Bill C. Merrell was elected as his successor. Bill C. Merrell has been with the Reform Party and its predecessor, United We Stand America, since 1994. Before being elected Treasurer of the Party in 2012, Mr. Merrell served as the party’s executive director and is the sitting chairman of the Reform Party of New York.

Secretary Beverly Kennedy of Texas was elected in 2012 to fill the seat vacated by Jacob Zychick of New Jersey, and ran for reelection. She was challenged by the Chairman of the Reform Party’s Communications Committee, and North Carolina Chairman Nicholas Hensley. Mr. Hensley won the election with 72 percent of the vote.

Bill Merrell stepped down as Treasurer to take his new position as the Party’s Vice-Chair. To fill this vacancy, the Reform Party National Committee called a special meeting on January 20th. Leigh Pollett of New York was elected over Sandy Madison of Texas. Leigh Pollett also serves as the Vice-Chairman of the Reform Party of New York, and assistant Treasurer of the party.

The Reform Party National Committee will meet for its regular meeting later this year.

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Nicholas Hensley
Reform Party of North Carolina

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