Reform Party National Committee Issues Statement on State Recounts

The Reform Party National Committee has issued the following statement:

The Reform Party has no problems with the way votes are tallied. Roque De La Fuente is asking for recounts without the resources or backing of the Reform Party National Committee. Legally he is allowed to do so as a candidate, but the Reform Party as a body does not wish to pursue recounts. There are numerous issues with our electoral system, but no hard evidence of vote tampering.

One of the issues that the United States must address is the electoral college. The electoral college is an archaic structure that lost its value after the passage of the 14th Amendment. In recent polls, less then 30 percent of American voters support the electoral college.The United States is the only country in the world with democratic elections in which the Presidential candidate can lose after winning the popular vote. In the past 16 years, both Hillary Clinton and Al Gore lost the electoral college after losing the popular vote.

The citizens of the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam and Puerto Rico, should have a say in the federal government. The voters in all American territories should have the ability to vote for the President of the United States, and have voting representation in Congress.

The amount of money in politics should be reduced, and the ability of special interests to influence elections should be curtailed. By reducing the power of corporate entities and political action committees, Congressional legislators would have to answer more to the people.

Founded in 1995, the Reform Party is a moderate, centrist and populist political party. It is possible to find out more about at www.reformparty.org.

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