The Reform Party’s History of Minority Candidates

For Immediate Release – In recent years, the Reform Party has worked to representing minorities by running minority candidates. Over the past years, with the support of minorities waning within the Republican Party, the Reform Party has made moves to capture disenfranchised minority voters. This is best illustrated by the current and past Presidential candidates of the Reform Party.

Andre Barnett was an African-American small business owner, and wounded veteran. During the 2012 Presidential campaign, he was endorsed by the Fredrick Douglass Foundation – a group that furthers the goals of black conservatives. As the party’s standard bearer, he worked to bring the Reform Party message to minority communities.

The Reform Party’s current Presidential candidate is Roque De La Fuente. De La Fuente is a Hispanic business owner with ties to minority communities across the country, and international business ties to Central and South America. During his campaign, he has been interviewed by numerous Spanish language media outlets, and built inroads for the party in Hispanic community.

The Reform Party has had a rich history with minority membership and advocacy. In 2004, the Reform Party’s Presidential Candidate, Ralph Nader, met with the Congressional Black Caucus. One of Ralph Nader’s running mates was American Indian Winona LaDuke. In 2000, Pat Buchanan’s running mate was Ezola Foster, a conservative African American woman.

It is possible to learn more about the Reform Party at www.reformparty.org or to email a representative at info@reformparty.org

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