Status of Bylaws, Constitution and Platform

For Immediate Release – The Reform Party National Convention was called to order on July 30th, 2016. The first item the National Convention discussed was the party’s bylaws and platform. It was quickly decided that both the bylaws and the platform were out of date, and needed major revisions. Instead of creating it by convention, it was decided by the body that the executive committee would come up with proposals for the bylaws and platform over the next twelve to twenty four months, which would be ratified at a later date.

Secretary Hensley explains this decision:

As far as the platform, we had an east coast crowd. Most of the delegates at the convention were from North Carolina upward to Maine. The north eastern delegations was prominent,  and in order to create a platform that is mutually exclusive to the populace, a large cross section of the national party must be present.

At the same time, in regards to the platform, we need to focus on the Reform Party’s life post-Perot. That is a long conversation focused on hashing out fine details, and splitting hairs. A two to three day time span is not enough time to have this conversation.

As far as bylaws are concerned, a lot of the newer Reform Party members, the guys that came up in the last three or four years, have developed a dislike of the current bylaws. They are generally vague and have holes. We wanted to consult legal experts before undertaking the monumental task.

The Reform Party Constitution, as far as many are concerned, needs to be completely rewritten, but like the platform, it is necessary to have a large cross section of the nation involved.

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